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Reveal Day!


Guess what today is? It’s Studio Calico Reveal Day! Reveal day is the day in the month where Studio Calico show what is the upcoming kit and this is also your chance to buy additional kits (add-ons) that greatly compliments your main kit. Oh happy day!

I got so excited that an hour before the reveal day I set up my station and began lurking around the site. Then silly me did the unthinkable! I fell asleep!! I really really was sad that I wasn’t able to get the ALOHA stamp, this is one of those things that gets my creative juices flowing and it’s just so darn cute! I’m actually not a stamp person but since joiningĀ Studio Calico, I’ve been using and buying stamps! I guess its just not meant to be.

Oiy! hopefully next month I’ll manage to stay awake!

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Piling Up

My little apartment is turning into a stock room, full of boxes every where! To think I only started scrapbooking again last year! I know part of the problem is I love buying grab bags bang for your buck way of thinking and I get loads of stuff at discounted price, however some of the content of the grab bag I don’t use and are so not my style. I do intent to sell them for a few dollars in the future but for now I have to have a better way to organize my scrapbooking supplies! My apartment is turning into crap-partment! So not good!

I must admit I’m one of those people who gets excited in opening up a mail and much more packages. When I see the SC logo on the side of the box, I try not to squeal in glee! As much as I love sorting though all the kits I got specially this month cause its my birthday month and I got myself couple of extras as a treat for myself. Unpacking them with no proper place to store them in kinds of diminished the thrill. šŸ˜¦ Now my kits are stored in piles and piles of boxes fromĀ SC, which are unsightly when put all together in a small place.

It’s horrible I tell you, imagine yourself doing project life at your craft/dinning table and you have to search for a particular embellishment that you know you have but cannot find it! Its such a mood killer.

Though I plan on getting that famous Ikea raskog cart, my fear is would it be enough?

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