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Secret Santa 2014

IMG_7784I just got one of the most amazing happy mail ever!! Like the year before, last year I joined Secret Santa event which was participated by Studio Calico ladies. I love joining event like this cause I love making a sort of care package for my recipient. Though its actually nerve racking whether or not my recepient would love or hate what I would choose for her based on the list of her likes and dislikes. I like the Studio Calico community wherein people are always so helpful and generous! Who in their right mind would not like ladies like that right? Certainly not me. I actually think I have a Studio Calico addition cause every time I go online I always check out the forum just to pop in and see what the ladies are talking about.

This year though my package came late, it took almost 3 months to get here. I just got it yesterday! I love how thoughtful my secret santa is! She read in the forum that I was asking about advent calendars how I never had one and she made me one! She sent me this heavy box filled with 24 amazing scrapbook supplies!!!
I was planning to open 1 item per day throughout the month of March. Just ONE! Well, that plan lasted 2 days. Yesterday morning, I opened my second present and its a cute velvet covered notebook with a rustic pencil, very cute! Last night when I got home from a tiring workday and needed some pick me up, I opened another present…and another and another till all of the, are open! Oh my gosh! I just could not believe all the scrappy presents that I got!!
I even got this old school Studio Calico wood handle Happy Mail stamp!! Woohoo! Ive been looking everywhere for it! But wait there is more I got neocolors!!! I’ve been wanting to try these for a while I just didn’t get around to it, now I got no excuse. I almost squeeled when i saw my neocolors and definitely muttering “Oh My God…..amazing!!” Thank you!! Zitronenfalter 🙂
Will definitely do this again! I love exchanging with international fellow scrapper cause I get to receive products that I cannot get locally! I love that my box are filled with different assortments and different brands.
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My Biggest Haul Ever!

November Haul - All

I do most of my shopping in Studio Calico and other on-line stores. Don’t get me wrong, we do have a LSS here in Manila, I don’t frequent it very much because its very far and a bit complicated to go to with public transportation but when I do I shop like there’s no tomorrow! Lol! That is why when I do make an effort to go there, I see to it that its during one of their semi annual sale which is usually on May and November. Though they offer through phone or text orders sometimes its difficult and frustrating since “kuya” and “ate” are not that verse in the scrapbooking world but its bearable since they are very accommodating and helpful.

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My SC August Haul

Some of the supplies that I need

Some of the supplies that I need

Guess what today is??

Today is the start of bundling time and 12 hours from now its presale time for Studio Calico subbers! Can you tell I’m super excited! One of the things I love about Studio Calico is the community, we like sharing what we got and what we missed. So those who are curious on what I got and will be getting for this August Studio Calico haul, here goes:

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Independence Day Mini Haul

Scrappy Manila is one happy scrapper

Scrappy Manila is one happy scrapper

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!!

Today we celebrated our independence day, which means no work holiday for corporate slave like me. Woohoo!!

I thought about scrapbooking over the holiday then I remember I need to pick up the CTMH organizers that I ordered though a scrapbook friend of mine. I must admit it was quite expensive and I was actually having a second thought if I would still get it but it was now or never. I’ve been searching for a perfect way to organize my PL cards and still be able to use them. This is indeed quite a splurge however, as my PL cards from Studio Calico kits and Becky Higgins Core kits I needed a more organized way to have them all in one place and be able to browse though them quickly and more efficiently. Currently, they are in boxes and are tucked away in my other scrapbook supplies. Which means I don’t get to use them as often as I should. Good thing that my friend was agreeable in dropping off my CTMH organizers at my local LSS, which I think the owner, is a good friend of hers. It was like shooting two birds with one stone! I get to shop and finally have my organizers!

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