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Mixed Media 101 Workshop

This is my 3rd workshop that I’ve ever attended in Lasting Impression. Of all the workshop I’ve seen, I’m most excited about this one because I’ve been wanting to try first hand about mixed media though admittedly I’ve seen online courses by none other than Celine Navarro but I never got the courage to try it myself. I think of this workshop as my stepping stone. The instructor is none other than Iris Babao Uy. 

In this workshop, we use papers from Maggie Holmes Open Book collection. I had to fussy cut out entire sheet of paper filled with flowers!! Fussy cutting sucks!! I have to get a more precise cutting scissorsin the future. We were told to fussy cut in advanced but there is no way that I could go there days in advanced just to get a couple of sheet of paper because I live quite far. Torturous fussy cutting aside I’ve learned a lot from Iris, out instructor. Iris Babao Uy is one of the popular scrapbookers who does layouts for Webster Pages. 

 Since this workshops are for newbies like me Iris taught us how to use distress inks, distress daubers, gelatos and ink blending tool. We were also taught how to play with these mediums. I love it! The creative mess part, I’m sure if I do it at home I wouldn’t like it as much since I would have to do the clean up too! Anyway, learning about mixed media first hand is amazing! I learned so much that I want to try it ASAP!

After teaching use the background, she gave us time to replicate what she did. At first mine looks like nothing of what she did but in the end it turned out beautiful! So glad I took this class, I found a new love for distress inks and daubers!! Oh no more items to collect! Lol!

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Hello 2015!

Hello 2015! I’m not the type of person who plans or think about what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m more of a now person, this two weeks of vacation time due to the holiday season gave me time to think of what’s my next step with this hobby. I formally started Project Life-ing last year, and honestly I have a couple of months that I need catch up on. I have lots of ideas in my head and I can’t seem to translate them well on paper, so I decided to write them down and give myself a deadline.

Things that I am hoping to happen in 2015:

  1. Blog more – though I actually am able to make lots of PL spreads in 2014, I wasn’t able to share those in my blog and Instagram. Hence my blog and IG feels so empty.
  2. Scrappy Manila shop – I want my online shop to grow more. I am currently looking into making an online shop where people can place their orders. My current set up is through Viber or Facebook, for some reason a lot of people find it difficult to see which are currently on hand and which are not. I cannot wait to restock my shop!
  3. Midnight Baker – aside from being a Project Lifer, I also am a cake decorator. For this 2015, I wish to have more cake orders and further enhanced my decorating skills.
  4. I want to further enhanced my techniques and be able to teach what I love.
  5. Be a Creative / Design Team (have absolutely no idea how to do this)
  6. I would love to be invited to attend CHA (lol! so wishful thinking this one)

Projects that I need to finish by 2015 (hopefully!!):

  1. Pastry School album – I really need to finish this one! I’ve started last year December and I scrapped everything and re did it for a couple of weeks and just set it aside unfinished!! I really had a great time in my stint in pastry school and I want to document it.
  2. Project Life 2015 – last year 2014, I did it PL in a 2 – big ass 12×12 album and with my limited space and all. This year I’m planning to use Studio Calico’s 9 x 12 album, Studio Calico would probably release these after CHA 2015. So for now, armed with my iPhone, I take loads of picture and jot down my week in my planner.
  3. Travel Album – I have atleast 2 in my mind that I want to make. Trying not to start on these until I finished my Pastry School album.

Hopefully, I get to accomplished 3-4 of these! Have a great year ahead!


I Got a STAR!!!


For my readers who are not a Studio Calico members, this simply means that I’ve been subbing with this awesome company for a year and I got a star in my avatar!!! Being a Reward member (star holder), simply means I get to enjoy subbing with Studio Calico more since I would be getting more subber “benefits” 🙂

Here are the new benefits that I get to enjoy starting this month:

  • 10% discount on add-on kit purchases. This discount is automatically applied to your order and can be combined with other specials and promotions.
  • 25% discount off online classes
  • 25% discount off digital items
  • Priority shipping. Your package will be in the first batch of packages shipped each month.
  • Special promotions and discounts given periodically
  • Order add-ons 12 hours early during a special presale
  • Multiple orders are bundled automatically and combine towards free shipping when you order between the 27th and end of the month. Your subscription will not be assessed the shipping fee if the combined total (including subscription price) is greater than $79,or $99 for Canadian customers.
  • Earn Calico Points on add-on purchases at 5 points per dollar

*free shipping does not apply to international orders

I’m such an enabler , I know 🙂 It’s just such a good news that is too much to passed up on!

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Week 5 – Get Together

Scrappy Manila Week 5 SpreadWeek 5 is here and done! This week’s spread I use a lot of cards from my all time fave store Studio Calico! So I might be a little bias since I love their products! Mostly its from the Sugar Rush kit and a mix of Project Life Core kits mainly from Blush and from Cut & Paste. Though I must admit this kit is NOT one of my favorite kit, I am still not regretting subscribing because I get to have new supplies each month!  My LSS takes forever to restock which is understandable since they have it ship from the US.

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Week 4 – Game Night

Scrappy Manila - Project Life Philippines - Week 4

Week 4 – Game Night

Week 4 is short and sweet! I got to meet a couple of soccer/model celebrity c/o my friend M. M is such a soccer fan and she crushing over this one player (hint: the guy in orange). I just went to I have additional pictures for the week but of course I wanted to see my friends too! Of course! 😀 This was also my first time watching soccer so its basically killing two birds with one stone!

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